Sunday, 6 July 2008

Patouland getting back to normal.

I have not written a blog for a couple of days due to feeling pretty miserable.
Although I do tend to look a bit like an ageing thug I have always been the sort to wear my heart on my sleeve. If I am miserable everyone knows about it and if I am happy I spread warmth, happiness and merriment wherever I go, well not quite but you get the picture.

Anyway life will go on here although we are still dealing with the aftermath of Judy's dead cria. She is still clucking over the dead body almost 48 hours later and tomorrow we will have to make the decision to remove him and bury him in the grave I dug yesterday.
It really is sad watching her but today she has been moving away and I feel sure she will have accepted the death tomorrow. She is still pretty aggressive but that is to be expected.

Jonah, Jack and Juno are thriving and it is wonderful to see them running around the paddock together. Jonah is living up to his name (remember he was named after Jonah Lomu the enormous rugby player) he is huge and put on 2 kilos in his first week. The others are also showing a healthy weight gain so thats all tickety boo and fine and dandy.

This week will see the three 'J's and their mums return to the fold of the 'mighty' Patou herd.

The next batch of 'lardies' will be brought up to the birthing paddock so that we can keep a close eye on them. Amongst the next batch is my favourite alpaca in the whole wide world, Patou Lily our beautiful black girl. She is the daughter of one of our foundation herd members Mile End Bannock.

Lily's sire was Shaft's Dream and Lily took 2nd place at last years BAS Spring show and there was some pretty serious competition in the junior black female class I can assure you.

She is now pregnant to Atlantic Cambridge Centurion, one of our favourite males, he is housed at the magical world of Inca and is a teriffc looking male. His show results last year certainly back that up.

We have high hopes for her cria and her unpacking is the one we are looking forward to the most.

We have been treating Lily for a jaw abscess with Nuflor recently and it has meant that we have become all up close and personal with her again. She is such a lovely girl she doesn't need rounding up as she can be caught easily and having spent a lot of time with her last year at Alpaca and Agricultural shows it is nice to be in regular physical contact with her.

She's a beauty and anyone who says she isn't will get a punch on the hooter (metaphorically of course, I am fervently opposed to violence of any sort.......apparently)

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