Saturday, 26 July 2008

A very special alpaca

Regular readers of this blog will know that there is one of the mighty Patou herd that I favour above all. Yes my favourite alpaca in the whole wide world is a beautiful black girl called Lily.

Why is she my favourite? Why do I (and Sue and Angus for that matter) hold Lily in such high esteem?

Well it's relatively simple to explain and I'm sure a lot of alpaca owners have a similar story to tell about their particular favourite.

Lily was our first ever female cria, born in the summer of 2006. I thought she was beautiful right from the start, a real genuine blue black female, her father was Shaft's Dream and her mother was one of our foundation herd, MileEnd Bannock.
Here is Lily with Bannock in November 2006.

Lily became the star of the Patou herd for many reasons. She came to the BAS Spring show the following year and took second place in a very competitive junior black female section.

You will have to take my word for it that I was almost in tears when she won that rosette, there really was some serious competition.

Lily then came to every agricultural and village show that we went to last year. She was admired by all who saw her, she was so friendly, so beautiful and absolutely enchanting. We were, and are, very proud of her.

At just over a year old she was mated to ATA Cambridge Centurion and fell pregnant first time, of course she did, she is a very special alpaca.

She was so special and built up such a special relationship with our little man that we officially sold her to Angus. I think the deal was for fifty thousand million hundred and fifty hundred thousand and twenty pounds. Angus now tells everyone about Lily and the fact that she is his alpaca, and no, we haven't seen any of the money yet.

He even halter trained her...................mostly in his spiderman suit...........and wellies.

So why tell you all this?

Well it's because Lily is now out in our maternity paddock about to give birth. She is just over eleven months pregnant and is looking like she will burst at any moment. She is still fully fleeced up as I was unable to shear her early and we don't want to risk shearing her this close to unpacking.

We are all on tenterhooks waiting for 'our Lil' to produce the next generation of the Patou herd. Sure we have others about to deliver and Priscilla has already produced a lovely big strong boy.

This, however, is the special one for us. This is the one that we hope goes according to plan. This is the one that none of us want to miss.

We are apprehensive here and we can't wait to see what our beloved Lily is going to give us.

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Gerry said...

Lily looks very beautiful Mark. Angus did well on that deal although I think I might have charged one or two quid more! I'm sure Lily will produce a fine healthy cria for you. All the best with the birth.