Saturday, 12 July 2008

Knackered after a busy day.

I sit here writing with a very large cold pimms to my right, just reward for a busy day.

As usual the mad lab Josh woke us at 5.30am so that he could recycle something onto the garden for me to pick up later............git.

After that I tried to go back to sleep but the brain had switched on and the voices wouldn't shut up.

So up at 6 and out for a long walk with the hounds, it was a beautiful morning. On return the lovely Mrs S and I enjoyed a cup of tea and a chat in bed as the boy watched Tom and Jerry.

That was closely followed by a full english fry up, just the thing to get us up and running.

We then set off to Incaland where we collected a simply stunning black stud male, Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca.

If you haven't seen this boy and you are breeding black alpacas, or alpacas of any colour for that matter, I would thoroughly reccommend having a look at him. We think he is totally fab and I want my whole herd to look like him in a few years time.

In fact I want to look like him in a few years time ................................................ ok, just went a bit too far with the enthusiasm.

Seriously though he is without doubt my favourite stud male in the whole wide world. We are mating everything we have with him this year and I can't wait to see his cria. Damn, my closely guarded secret for 2010 show domination is out of the bag.

Anyway we stopped off at good friends Liz and Peter in Tisbury where we have our 'rent a wombs'. Liz doesn't want to increase the size of her small herd but feels that a good working womb should not go to waste! Jack was introduced to a lovely Mateus girl called Alice and we had a nice chat.

We then returned to the kingdom of Patou and whilst Jack was regirding his loins we carried out a herd check and did some jabbing etc. Jack then did some spitting off for us and was then back in the saddle with our lovely Priscilla. I then took him home.

After a quick bite to eat it was off to the local village and school fete where Angus and his school chums were performing a maypole dance.

First stop was the Pimms tent where Mrs S was helping out with the cucumber mountain. This was a seriously well attended fete. A quick wander round, purchased a couple of cheap books, cake, chocolate brownies, thank you very much I was off.

Home, grass cut, alpacas fed, chickens cleaned out and that was it 7pm time for a drink.

Must go now, need a refill.


Gerry said...

When Jack of Spades was for sale we thought hard about buying him and after seeing a close up of him on Inca's advert in Alpaca World we're sorry we didn't. But we did get a lovely black male from Tim instead! If only we were a bit further not really!

Mark said...

You missed out there he's a stunner.

Anonymous said...

we saw jak @ tims n he had lots of white hares in his coat.

Mark said...

Well anonymous, if your eyesight is as good as your spelling we have nothing to worry about.

Lucy said...

Anon, white hares are a symbol of love, fertility and growth in the Celtic world, so Jack really has it all! He must be very, very dense to hide all those hares in his, well, hairs..... Lucy

Anonymous said...

I too have seen Jack and I think "Anonymous" should be re-named "Green Eyed Monster"...there can be no other explanation for such rubbish.

Rob Rawlins said...

There is always one isn't there Mark.

Dear Mr. Annon, have a nice day eh!

Chill out mate.


Gerry said...

Hey Mark - you should maybe change your blog settings to moderate comments and then you'd avoid such obvious troublemakers. And you'd be left with nice people like me!

Rob Rawlins said...

Good point Gerry,

I had to do exactly the same on my blog, for exactly that reason.


Karen said...

I would like to offer anonymous my professional services.....I am both an Optometrist and also had the pleasure of showing "the mighty" Jack for Tim this year at the shows. I can honestly say that I have never seen a white hair or indeed "hare" on Jack.

I am afraid spectacles don't tend to help those sort of vision issues so it may well be a problem with your ocular health.... problems further back on the visual pathways (ie in the brain) can also cause similar symptoms.

Mark said...

Thanks for that expert opinion Karen, excellent, big words and everything!