Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A birth, sports day and shearing begins.

First of all a quick update on the herd, a new arrival yesterday.
Windsong Valley Milarka a Purrumbete Highlander daughter (very rare in the UK) gave birth to a stunning little white female sired by the magnificently grumpy Accoyo Killawasi.
Milarka is for sale, we sold Milarka's last two daughters on behalf of her owner. This latest cria looks the business and arrived in textbook fashion.

Milarka, pictured here 'well fleeced up' can now be sheared safely and having organised a small shearing posse for this weekend she will be looking much tidier on Monday, weather permitting of course.

This afternoon I attended Steele junior's annual sports day. The sun shone, ice cream was bought and eaten and about a hundred kids ran around having a terrific time. Angus performed very well and came first in a running race. I say a running race because believe me as well as running races there was every other conceivable type of race suitable for primary school age children.
I was a very proud Dad amongst a sea of very proud Dads (lots of bunking off from work going on today).

Here is a photo of Angus winning the running race. That's my boy!!!!!!!!!

Anyway this evening I was off with my chum Kevin to Jo and Steve's where Patou Bo Jangles, Inca Bingo and Orchard Apollo have made their new home, it was time that they were sheared.

Here is a picture of the happy threesome after a considerable amount of fleece had been removed by yours truly.

It was a nervous time for me, those boys are lovely and I wanted to shear them well and I wanted Steve and Jo to be happy with the end result.
The boys were great, yes Bingo made a racket throughout and Apollo was a little annoyed about what was happening to him but my boy Bo was the star of the show. He didn't make a noise, didn't move a muscle and the fleece that came off him looked fantastic. What a fabulous colour he is. What a lovely little lad he is. I am so glad he is just down the road and I am so pleased he has gone to a home where he will be looked after with the care and attention that he and all alpacas deserve. It was good to see him. He really is a special little alpaca. I do love him.
Anyway I can now say with great pride that I have sheared a herd. A small herd I know, but a herd nevertheless.
This weekend the shearing of the mighty Patou herd will commence and to tell the truth I can't wait. I will do my very best for them and hopefully all will go well.


Tracey said...

Well done Angus...what a star! I can see the Olympics beckoning.

Seems like you're becoming an expert shearer...fancy doing the Moonsbrook herd next year!?

Gerry said...

That's a fair turn of speed the wee lad's showing there Mark! I hope there was a drugs monitor in attendance to make sure all was above board!

The cria looks the spit of her half-sister up here in NE Scotland. Shame I don't have X grand to buy her and her mum.

And I confess I've a set of Heinigers still in their box waiting for the time I work up the confidence to use the beggars. Plus I've got that bleedin shearing table still in its wrapping in the shed - I kid you not! You're a braver man than I Gunga Din (or words to that effect!).