Thursday, 1 May 2008

Today was a good day!

Today was a good day, Sue and I were both off and I was able to submerse myself entirely into the wonderful world of alpacas.

A good chum of mine Gary came over to help out and Karen who we have known for years popped over to learn more about alpacas. Karen is planning on moving back to Ireland later this year and is looking to take some alpacas with her.

First up was a trip to the fabulous Incaworld to pick up some stud males and then we were up and running.
First stop was at Liz Curzen's for a mating and a chat about alpacas. she had a cria born last week and it was good to check her out. Dilly is her name and mighty fine she looks.

Then it was home to the minor kingdom of Patou where the patou warriors endlessly watch over the mighty patou herd. Sorry the old imagination is running away with me again.

Anyway Bobby, one of our foundation herd members spat off spectacularly which was superb.

I mentally ran across the paddock doing a double cartwheel, followed by a flic flac a triple salco ending with a double back sommersault which I might add, I landed perfectly. Mentally guys, mentally.

Bobby has been a little monkey and despite producing Poppy last June has had problems staying pregnant. She actually scanned preggers twice last summer but managed to lose both pregnancies. We have decided to cut down her spit offs this year as she is a stressy madam and we need to keep her calm. Fingers crossed and we'll see how we go.

Bella was up next and being a maiden looked completely bewildered by the whole thing, Boris was very good and after a little help from yours truly the deed was peformed satisfactorily.

The whole day went smoothly and that was in no small measure due to the excellent help doshed out by Gary and Karen, not to mention Sue.

Karen had a good look at our sales team and has decided on four alpacas. Fantastic news! She has to sell her cottage first (is this a good time to be selling?) and then she can realise her dream. There doesn't seem to be too much of a rush anyway due to those dratted midges so the fantastic four have been provisionally reserved for Karen. We followed up all that hard work with a superb lunch at the local, The Compasses, best pub in Wiltshire.

The boys were then returned and I am now home, the computer seems to be behaving and I have a small glass of something slightly un-non alcoholic to my right. The world seems a pretty good place to be today!

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Rob @ Wellground said...

Hi Mark,

You sound much happier today. You seemed a bit down last week about being in the Protection Zone. It's really fortunate for you that Inca Alpaca is in the same Zone as you. I can see how these zones get people down, but that was a plus for you being able to get the studs to do the spit-offs today.

It must be difficult for Tim though, I suppose it has an opposite effect on him, as his mobile matings must be confined to the Protection Zone which is much smaller than the Surveillance Zone.

Hopefully soon all the UK will be one zone and the nonesense will be over for us all.