Friday, 25 March 2011


Our first herd sire Cambridge Columbus, with plenty of cria due this summer!

Ok, today is the first day of a four day respite from the day job. The sun is shining, the mud is all dried up and all the animals are in fine fettle. As a result I am pronking around like a very large, heavy and bald cria, full of the joys of spring. I am like a Labrador, ready and alert waiting for that stinky old tennis ball to be thrown for me. I am ready to chase, ladies and gentlemen (not to actually chase ladies and gentlemen. That's not what I meant). The sun is shining and I have probably had too much coffee again. I am like a small boy on Christmas Eve. I just can't calm down. Although Sue is politely laughing at my antics and inanity I feel that soon, for sure, she will break and crack my head in with a rolling pin or something (she is making cakes I believe, actually she's lost her rolling pin so I'm reasonably safe. How do you lose a rolling pin?).

This will only be a short blog for I am off to pick up Angus from school shortly and then it's off to take him for his junior lifesaving course. So a short blog it will be.
However, I have many things that I want to tell you. But I just can't. There are many exciting things afoot here at the moment but until certain things have been finalised, until people have given me certain permissions I must remain shtumm. I just can't tell you  any more at the moment there are certain factors that have to be factored in, various minute details to tie up and plenty of suspense to sit through. I just can't say anything, my lips are sealed.... until..............Oh I don't know when. You'll just have to wait and see, maybe tomorrow! Yes maybe tomorrow! Maybe not.

Maybe I'm just making it all up?


Tim said...

You mean that the NHS has finally agreed to pay for your sex change operation. That's great!

Llama Karma said...

I thought I had stumbled onto the wrong blog for a moment, now I can't wait to hear more!

Amiryck said...

Well I can't top Tim's comment. Actually I've just pulled myself up from the floor laughing. It jolly well better be worth it after all this suspense!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Suspenders that doesn't bear thinking about ...waiting patiently ....and hoping you can contain yourself !!.....Jayne

Unknown said...

Okay Mark...It is now tomorrow...we are waiting...these suspenders are starting to dig in...come on reveal!!

Perry Wheeler said...

I think you may be leading us on as it is now the 28th and you have not up dated. You tease.