Monday, 21 April 2014

Patou success in Holland.

Happy Easter everyone, the sun is shining today after a wet cold one yesterday so everything is right with the world!
Now, listen in, I had exciting news from Holland yesterday concerning Patou Sultan. Sultan, you may remember, is a lovely Jack of Spades boy. His mother is our hair trigger spit monster ninja, Patou Penelope. She is light brown but was in turn sired by Chanchones Witness of Inca.

Anyway, may I remind the more forgetful amongst you? In November 2012 Sultan was bought by a Dutch breeder, Harrie Borgelink of Alpaca Brammelo. Harry was looking for a quality dark coloured herdsire to add some colour to his herd and contacted me about the prospect of buying Sultan who at the time was approaching 18 months old. Sultan is a lovely dark chocolate brown colour. We were sad to see him go as I knew he had huge potential, but the decision was made and off he toddled to Holland.

Now Harrie must have got him going before he was two years old because he has just produced his first cria!
Pictured below is a beautiful female cria described by Harry as 'bay black'. He is very pleased with the result and so am I! He has three more females pregnant to Sultan and I am eagerly awaiting news of how they get on. What a splendid result!

It is an interesting feeling, Sultan was our first ever export and there is a great feeling of pride seeing what one of own home bred boys has done. If there are any Dutch breeders reading and you are looking for a quality dark male to use, please give Harry a ring -

In other news, I was quite pleased to see it chuck it down for most of yesterday, the show team was getting very dusty and untidy so a day in the rain should sort them out for this weekend as we head north again, this time to Stoneleigh for the Heart of England show. Here are all the youngsters during their afternoon 'shower'.

Right that's enough of this, as I have said, the sun is shining so my place is not here it is outside!


Dani said...

That cria is amazing - good job Sultan :)

Rosemary said...

Well done, Sultan!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Mark, that is a real result...may you have more great results at the weekend!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That's great news about Sultan, very satisfying I'm sure - and good to see the herd taking a shower!