Friday, 4 December 2009


Not much to say as I have been doing the 'going to work and coming home in the dark' thing all week.
Sue has been here and assures me that the herd is still here and is in fine fettle. Actually I did bunk off early again yesterday to get home in time to see them, it had been dry and sunny all day and they looked great. Even Judy didn't screech at me when I spoke to her.

However, we are just about to order our new Patou transportation device (trailer) and new Patou accommodation block (field shelter) so exciting times ahead! Who says alpacas can't enjoy Christmas too!

I am looking forward to four days off this weekend so will be able to get up close and personal again. Weather permitting there may be photographs.

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Lucy said...

Wow, new stuff!!!! Great. Don't know about you but I'd like to just live in the alpaca field (in a suitably comfy house) and frollick with them when I could....