Saturday, 7 August 2010


Right, first up an announcement.
FOR SALE - One day job, over twenty years old but plenty of mileage left in it.
Pros - it pays the bills every month.

Those capital letters I believe indicate that I was shouting - AND I BLOODY WELL WAS, IT GETS IN THE BLOODY WAY ALL THE TIME!!!!!

You may have guessed the reason why I haven't blogged for 8 days, no? Still not got it? THE BLOODY DAY JOB GETS IN THE BLOODY WAY ALL THE TIME!!!!!

Right rant over, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, on Wednesday I visited the wonderful world that is Incaland. I had an appointment with His Royal Alpacaness Lord Tim of Hey.
The reason for the appointment? I sense you leaning forward in anticipation, your breath quickening slightly as your excitement builds. Calm down. Take a deep breath, really, it's not that exciting. It is to me of course but I am an idiot.

The reason for the visit was for the carefully selected 2011 Patou Alpacas Show Team to be prepared for battle. There was some shearing to do and the chosen five travelled (with mums of course) down into deepest darkest Dorset.

We left at 7am. Angus, me, the alpacas and several frankfurters for the trip. By 9.30am shearing was underway and five fluffy little Patou cria were transformed.

Today as I don't have to go and do THE BLOODY DAY JOB GRRRRR!, I can reveal them to the world. They are all wearing coats as there is a cool breeze and a bit of rain in the air and we are soft in the head.
Above we have (from left to right) Rico (black), Runa (black) and Ruby May (dark brown).

In the foreground Ruby May with Rico at the rear.

Reeya (light brown - not dark fawn, I have checked) with Rosa nosing in from the left.

The utterly magnificent Roger Resilient (medium brown).

Another shot of the lovely Runa.

Finally Runa standing in front of her proud mum, Lily, my most favourite alpaca in the whole wide world.
So there we have it, the cria have been shorn and should be in the best possible shape come the Futurity in March. They will still be at their best come the SWAG show and the Royal Bath and West show in June. How can we possibly fail to dominate everything?
Tomorrow we are attending the local show (it's in our village so it can't get more local!). It is the Nadder Valley Fun Dog Show and is in the field next to the village pub, nice.
We have been asked to take some alpacas along and as it is such a great day out we have obliged. We will obviously take the dogs as well, there are prizes to compete for! Angus has volunteered to be chief dog handler for the event and has been training the unruly mutts for a few days.
Right that's it I'm off, somewhere, there is something for me to do.


Unknown said...

Looking good...I'm liking the show team's summer big is Ruby May!

I think that day job is good for you. It gets you fired up to take some great photos!

Amiryck said...

They are looking truly fab!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Nice; we like!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

You're making me look forward to 2011, and I really don't want to wish this year away yet!

Rosemary said...

Those pictures are really making me want more coloured alpacas now!

gary said...

They look very nice indeed. So I guess it will be Roger for the challenge versus Hobgoblin. I'm looking forward to it.

Lucy said...

Show team already! Way to go. I hope they all do well. I know the logic of shearing the cria tips but awwww, did you not feel a bit sad? They will at least not be like velcro all winter with every leaf in the field stuck to them. They look very magnificent, no, mighty!