Friday, 8 July 2011

A funny old week

It has indeed been a funny old week. The day job has been prominent but I write this at the end of the first of four days at home. We have had rain and it is very windy. Oooh how interesting!

I was going to have a good old rant about this and that on the blog today for my mood has been anything but stable, changing from caffeine induced delerium passing through mild and sometimes uncontrollable amusement towards short bursts (not short enough) of selfish and grumpy tantrums. This doesn't work, that's now broken, this isn't doing what it's supposed to do, that wasn't there earlier, this was there earlier, there is something missing here, this has never happened before, why does this have to happen now? That sort of a day, a rant inducing day. I went out, alone in the Land Rover, flat tyre to get fixed. I had a short but highly explosive rant in the car when no-one else was looking. Job done I am now mellowing prior to cooking a nice chilli. One of my favourites.

Anyway, no news on the house front yet, too far away, too small, too expensive, overlooked, too urban, no land nearby, grumpy farmers, completely incompetent letting agents, the search continues.
In the meantime I took a few photographs of the mighty Patou herd this morning in one of the refreshment breaks while Angus and I were playing a mammoth 1 hour table tennis session (no not on the Weewee actual table tennis with a table and balls and bats!), courtesy of a teacher training day.

Here's one for you, spot the cria, without blowing up the picture, can you spot the 9 Patou cria in the below photgraph?

Tomorrow is a day of fetes. Sue and Gus are off to his school fete whereas I am off to the Allington and Boscombe Garden Party and Village Fete with Roger, Rico and Rafiki. The weather is set fair and I have a hog roast at my venue. Marvellous.


Lucy said...

I can see 7... what are those white ones doing there? and those black ones??? and fawn ones???

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

I think I found seven - have you taught some of them to climb trees?

Unknown said...

I was just too tempting...there is definitely nine...easy when you blow up the photo!

They are looking great Mark (best not mention the lovely view under the circumstances...hope you find somewhere very soon)