Monday, 3 October 2011

Blah, blah blah

Ok, have been absent again. Je suis desole.

Quick update.

Girls moved onto fresh lush pasture.

Lily, eating the fresh lush pasture.

Two girls go down with something, obviously in pain. One has pneumonia (Baytril and multi-vits administered) One has bloat (some other drug administered, I don't remember what as I was at work).
The mighty herd, amongst the fresh lush pasture.

Both girls now doing much better.

Sahara (cria with breathing difficulties) now seems to be almost breathing normally, almost. Photograph taken from odd angle for some reason.

Fecal samples show herd is parasite free, we must be getting something right then!

Qjori is still rocking some females worlds as he tops 20 outside matings for the year.

I've been away for a 'boys weekend' in The Lake District, was hungover yesterday,  now feeling afflicted with some bug or other. Lemsip Max has been administered and shivers have been replaced with the sweats. Sausages and Ratatouille should sort that out.

Field shelter is now in the new field, in bits, posse required for reconstruction but day job is interfering.

All in all, everything appears well with the world.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

There's something to be said for the move, is that 'fresh, lush, pasture' that is available.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to read an update on Sahara...ive often thought about her !.....sorry to hear that the Mighty Patou Chief is under the weather...!! hope you are soon back on form.....the alpacas are looking grand, Lily looks a picture of health...just thinking back, when she was poorly....and just goes to show, how lovely she is now ! glad she made a full recovery !!......and no doubt....winter preperation is well under way....we've just had the 'snow' word mentioned on the weather forecast !!!!!.......Jayne

Unknown said...

Some bug or other? that not just an extended must remember one is not 21 when participating in these boys weekend.

That lush pasture looks just like Cumbria (well here anyway) we have rather a lot of rotund alapacas!