Friday 22 March 2013

It's not always about the alpacas.

It's not always about the alpacas here in Patouland. There are other species here too. Last night I witnessed a cross species encounter in the sitting room, luckily I was holding my phone and took a few snaps.

Kira, the resident Newf in Patouland sleeps soundly by the fire.

Belle, the cat approaches with mischief on her mind.

The sleeping Kira wakes from her slumber, Belle is in danger!

Suddenly and without warning, Kira pounces and Belle is flattened. Oh how we laughed. Although instinctively Belle has her claws into Kira's cheek. Stale mate. 

Anyway enough of that nonsense, back to the alpacas. 
It has been a thoroughly miserable day here just as it has everywhere else it seems. At least we have been spared the snow, just rain and that bitterly cold wind. I can't tell you how many times I have stood in the middle of the field looked skywards and shaken my fist at the weather whilst uttering the most venomous insults. When the flying doodah is the weather going to change for the better. Don't they know we will be birthing next month!!!!!

I weighed Tsar again today, please let me know if this is getting boring but the little star had nudged the scales up to 24.50 kilos and was so full of beans (not literally, still loose) that on impulse I let him and Thor out, no coat, no restriction, out in the elements. And off they charged. I saw them haring around the field a couple of times but didn't really see them again until 4.30 when I opened the gate to the shed and they shot in. Heads straight into the feed buckets like a couple of hungry young boys. Splendid. They know where they are supposed go in the evening for certain.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

The winter that just keeps giving...hopefully Tsar will back to peak condition for the other shows this year...looks promising.

Judi B said...

No news about little (or now, not so little!) Tsar is not boring. Great to see him back on form.

I'm going to make you all jealous now...we have bright sunshine and blue skies and it's still warm...who knows what tomorrow will bring but someone knew it was my birthday today!