Thursday, 11 April 2013

Farewell boys!

I feel that we are getting into the business end of the year and things have been moving on in Patouland.
We now have 5 females hovering at the 11 months gestation mark, we are on full alert here, all systems are on go, the cria coats have been washed, the birthing box has been checked and loaded. Girls, please wait a little longer, but if you can't we are ready!
This month we are saying goodbye to four Patou boys. Three young boys have already gone to a lovely new home just outside Salisbury and early reports are that they are doing very well.
Pictured below at several stages of growth (I forgot to take my camera on delivery day) are Patou Taz, Patou Travis and Patou Troy. Their new owners are new to alpacas and encouragingly have already been on the phone asking for advice. It always worries me when we don't get many questions, I would rather have loads that way I am assured that they are being very well looked after. These boys are and will be getting tip top treatment not to mention lots of cuddles!
 Patou Taz
Patou Travis
Patou Troy.
The other male to be leaving soon is Patou 'Roger' Resilient.
Roger who is a huge favourite here and a veteran of the Patou show team is leaving these shores at the end of the month bound for Ireland where he will be stamping his mark on some lovely females. I am talking to him at feeding time in an irish accent so as to acclimatise him. I don't want him get flummoxed when he meets the irish girls, he is after all flying the flag for the Mighty Patou!

Right enough of this I am off to examine some rear ends!


Judi B said...

The previous owner of one of our new imported boys was, like you, worried that her boy might not be able to communicate over here, however, we found that he quickly learned the necessary phrases and can now humm: "Please sit!" "It's rude to spit!" and "This time next year?!" Teach him those phrases in Irish and he'll be fine!

Bev said...

Has poor Travis got only the one back legs then? Never mind, he looks a sweetie and his new owners are sure to love him anyway... to misquote Peter Cook "I've got nothing against his left leg, the trouble is neither has he"...