Monday, 3 March 2014

Brown boys make some noise!

After a surprisingly dry day today I managed to grab a few pictures of some of our brown boys when I checked them this afternoon. It was only when I got back and downloaded them from my phone that I realised that Tsar was in every shot, bar one. Followers of the Patou drivel will know Tsar well and will understand why he is a huge favourite here. He is a Qjori son and his mother is Millie who gave birth to Vanilla last year (another favourite). Both Tsar and Vanilla have had rough starts to life with one problem or the other and it is great to report and see that they are both doing very well.

Tsar is pictured below with little Wasimba behind him and Rafiki looking on from the next paddock.

Here he is again this time standing behind Patou Warrior, a Popham Thunder boy who we are rather pleased with. Tsar and Warrior will be representing us at the National very soon!

Tsar Tsar Gabor with his father, the big Q, (scratching himself), to the right is Warrior again and Patou Willoughby, another Qjori boy.

Tsar, Tsar Superstar posing with Willoughby, both have the Qjori look about them, Willoughby is showing promise too.

And finally, a picture from the other day to complete the happy family, Millie and Vanilla.

Millie and Vanilla will also be representing the mighty Patou at the National and I can't wait!

Oh and the one picture that didn't have Tsar in? Patou Vickery who follows us around every time we go into the field clucking and humming away. He is very partial to a cuddle and is the friendliest little alpaca we have ever had.


Unknown said...

The boy is looking fantastic!

There's Tsar hope for anybody else in his class, by the look of him.

(Maybe you've got ter be frem up north to git that ...nar hope = no hope??? Okay I'm losing it)

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Boys looking nice and dry there, just in time for the Show.

Rosemary said...

Good luck with the Mighty Team at the Show!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Blog followers: Brilliant article by Mark in March issue of Country Smallholding!"Three important things you need to know about alpacas"