Monday, 11 July 2011

Fawns? Fawns! Fawns?!?!?

We have had another birth since my last post, our tenth cria of the year and it's another fawn. This time a lovely little, (actually at 9.30kg she wasn't that little), female out of the one remaining alpaca here that doesn't belong to us, Sheba.

Once again The Clumpmeister has done a pretty impressive job. Sheba is white and her cria, who has temporarily been named Sienna, is a solid medium fawn. Well done Clumpernickle! She has incredibly long legs and is very pretty as you can see.

Here she is with her very attentive mother, Sheba. Sienna was another one born almost on the 11 month mark at 334 days and fits in with our general theme this year of everyone bailing out early doors. As I said before they just can't wait to get out this year. They are like paratroopers on a mission, they see the target and they go for it (what?).
In the background you will no doubt have noticed a rather nice Buddleia which I feel I ought to point out as it is one of the few plants that I can confidently identify. Actually if you are very attentive you will see that there are in fact two Buddleia in the background. Oh yes people it's Buddleia city here, they are everywhere.

Finally I can announce that the handsome little fawn boy (you know, he who should have been a dark brown she) born a few days a go has now been named, Patou Sandstorm is his name and he is as cute as a button, perfectly proportioned and like greased lightning. Here he is pictured with his mother, Millie.

Right enough of this drivel I have to go and see someone, somewhere, about something.


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

They are are looking great. We too have a Sandstorm and Sienna, in fact I seem to recall you also had a Sahara this year; great minds obviously think alike.

Unknown said...

The Clump is doing a fantastic job...I think he's saying "look out new boy!" ;)

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

She is a lovely leggy lady.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I am liking the lighter shade of browns....fawns obviously are on the menu this year for the Mighty Patou !.......Jayne