Friday, 6 April 2012

Strangeness abounds

Strangeness is one word for it, arseness is another. Someone has been interfering with my blog. You may have noticed (or you may not have noticed) that it was closed down last night after some 'suspicious activity' on my blogger account. It makes sense because I have been going slightly mad over the past couple of days due to comments that I have placed on other people's blogs appearing and then disappearing. 

That has caused me to think that my 'age related memory loss' has been progressing faster than it should be. It has also made me think that I have been imagining that I have been doing things, when doing those things I have not. Someone has been messing with my blog and that has messed with my head. I have a theory about who has been causing mischief but there is no point in voicing those suspicions here. It has happened, I have now beefed up security and we will move on. All I will say to the infiltrator is 'Up yours mister!'

Anyway today the excitement is palpable here in Patouland. We now have three lovely ladies well and truly in the birthing window.

We looked at previous gestation dates this morning. Dee, our oldest female has previously baked for 333, 336 and 355 days. That's an average length of 342. She is currently holding on at 343 days. This morning she is looking very imminent, but then she was yesterday and the day before.

Priscilla's last four cria cooked for 330, 332, 333 and 332 days respectively. She is now wallowing around on 333 days and looking huge.

Joy, one of our Collabear girls has just hit 330 days and is looking spaced out. We don't know her history but she is in with Dee and Priscilla and we are trying not to watch too much! No doubt they will all wait until Monday when torrential rain is forecasted. 

In complete contrast here are a couple of simpletons, Josh and Rafiki about three minutes into a staring competition that they had the other day. Life is so much simpler when you are boy.


Unknown said...

Fab photo...10/10 for brightness Josh!

Is this blog envy?...are you just too popular?...hope your have cracked the hacker!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Fantastic photo...who won the challenge ! I hope the strangeness has ceased and that the excitement of the new arrivals keeps you occupied...can't believe those Patou babies are nearly here already !....Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Glad you overcame the mischief-maker, and hope the trio arrive safely.

Amiryck said...

I always find people are only worried about causing people trouble who they perceive as a threat - so that has to be a good sign... if only they concentrated their efforts on doing something more constructive for their own ends!

Hope the births go smoothly!


ps noticed your comment on my blog had gone missing, luckily I had an email to tell me what you said!