Sunday, 29 September 2013

Time to reflect.

And so as another breeding season reaches the end it is perhaps time to reflect on what 2013 has to say about life in Patouland.

Cria count, 20 born here this year, 5 black females, 4 brown females, 2 multi females, 3 brown males, 2 black males, 2 grey males, 1 fawn male and Wilbur, the silver surfer.

I haven't got pictures of them all but here are some of the new kids on the block:

Firstly the four older black girls, all sired by Qjori.

Patou Ulani, mother Bobby, a fawn Mateus girl, head of the herd, bossy, spitty, kicky, we hope Ulani doesn't follow in her mothers footsteps!

Patou Umbria, mother Patou Penny a Witness girl, as bossy, kicky and spitty as her mother Bobby. We hope Umbria doesn't take after her mother or her grandmother............. but she probably will.

 Patou Violet, mother Minstrel, a black Jack of Spades girl. Violet is looking very promising.

Patou Willow, mother Sabrina, another black Jack of Spades girl, the pick of the black girls. Here is a fleece shot we took this morning. As usual the picture does not do it justice, it is lovely.

And now onto some of the boys, the browns.

Patou, mother the delectable fawn FiFi. Will has a gorgeous fleece and if we were picking a show team today he'd be the first name on the team sheet.

This is Patou Umberto, mother Poppy a brown Centurion girl. Sadly you might be able to see the white spot on his little chinny chin chin, his fleece is gorgeous.

Finally for today the only fawn in this years drop, Whisky Mac, out of Reeya our brown Jack of Spades girl. He is definitely one to watch.

And that is your lot for today, in other news, Sue and I came to a massive decision last weekend and that is that I am to retire from the day job at the end of October! That is fantastic news for me!!!

Now where are my pipe, slippers and satin smoking jacket?


Rosemary said...

What a gorgeous crop of cria - must make you very proud!
Retiring? You look far too young for that! - but I bet you will enjoy it!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Wow! you passed the interview for the post of 'Full Time Farmer' then? and you'll be in charge of the hoover and washing machine...

Unknown said...

What a fabulous collection...I kept changing my mind who was favourite...but I do like a fawn!!

Good luck with the retirement. I work twice as hard now for half the pay, have welly foot, and chapped hands, but no regrets!!

Rob @ Wellground said...

Congratulations on your Retirement Mar, you won't look back, I never did. I hope your retirement is as rewarding as mine has been. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good plan!

I expect to see a much thinner and fitter Steele at some point in the future!