Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mud, mud and more mud.

Looking on the bright side, and that is all I can do at the moment, every day spent wallowing around in the mud is one day closer to the end of this atrocious weather. At least we are not as bad as some, Somerset, not far to the west of us, is actually under water, the whole county! 
We have some very wet bits and a lot of very muddy bits. The lucky ones in our herd are the males.
Qjori and his merry men live in the next village and although part of their field is under water, most of it is dry.
You may remember that we installed a temporary shelter (actually it is a portable garage) for them as they don't have much shelter from the wind and rain. It was a bit bright so I put a camouflage tarpaulin over it, now you can barely see it. It is in the below photograph somewhere (in real life it does look less blue!)

The boys love it and at the slightest sign of bad weather they wander in and don't come out until it's brightened up.

Meanwhile back in the home fields it is a different story. very wet and muddy everywhere. Here is a picture of three of last years cria, Vickery, Wasimba and Wagtail. All looking lovely and brown. The problem is that Vickery and Wasimba aren't brown at all, they are grey!

Storm damage here too, a fence down, how hard does the wind have to blow to blow a fence down?

However, time moves on and that means weaning. Hopefully by the end of the week eighteen cria will become 'weaners' as I tear them away from their mothers. Where I am going to put them all I haven't quite figured out but where ever they are it will be muddy!


Karen Oglesby - Meon Valley Alpacas said...

You're not the only one with mud and fencing down - all looks remarkably like our fields! Soon be Spring! Happy weaning!

Unknown said...

Thank you Mark you have made me feel much better...keep smiling:))))

Judi said...

At least there are no trees on top of your fence! Plenty of mud over here the philosophy...soon be hot and dry again!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Glug glug...the garage looks the business..I've seen the first daffodil opening today.

Rosemary said...

I see the whole cunning plan now - - breed for brown and beat the 'mud look'.
Like the alpaca garage!