Saturday, 8 August 2009

That should do it!

Thanks for all the comments about the 'two tiered judging' proposal guys, massive response, not only in the form of comments on the blog but e-mails and phone calls too..............I've never been so popular!

Everyone thought the proposal was rubbish, not one person has come forward with any form of supporting argument which is great. Hopefully the proposal will be just that, a proposal. Then we can all just get on with going to alpaca shows and competing on a level footing.

We're in a period of quiet here in Patouland, all this years cria have been born. Monique, who was the next one up to the the birthing mat (what?), is now safely ensconced in the Fairytale land of Amiryck. This means that we now must look forward to next spring for our next new arrivals. Due to the 'resetting' of the herd's birthing clock last year we are looking forward to a bumper crop next year. We have 14 cria due, starting in April, which is a massive increase for us.

Maybe if we have enough female cria we at Patou might become 'big breeders'.
Then of course I will be shouting from the rooftops my new proposal to have the smaller breeders show their animals in a separate ring round the back next to the skips. As if they can compete with the likes of me! Its all's all mine you see!!!!!!!!!! (mad persons laughter!)

Right that's it I'm off to lie down in a quiet place.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Would you like a padded cell !!..your blog often makes me chuckle !!...If you were to breech the security and manage to get into the 'big breeders assocciation' !!....that would mean that you would have me round the back (so to speak) next to the skips !!!!! very dare you...I hope that you stay small and mighty with the rest of us !!.....we need to have sanity within the small breeders association !!!!..........Jayne