Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Winter is coming!

Right, it looks as if we are about to join the party as far as snow and coldness is concerned.

Last night it was down to -11.5C and we have heavy snow forecasted for tonight, all night! That is forecasted both by the BBC and the Met Office so it's quite likely to happen.

I have been badly let down by the people who were going to supply our new field shelter so I am not impressed. I am making new arrangements with someone else now, hopefully more reliable!
To be honest the alpacas don't seem to be too bothered with the freezing temperatures and last year when we had all that snow they just squashed into our small shelter. We shall see!

I am off to work this afternoon and have got the chains in the back of the Discovery, no way I'm being snowed out! Snowed in I can handle but not out, no way!

Anyway, just a short blog today got to walk Joshiepants before departure.

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Amiryck said...

Good luck with the snow. We aren't meant to have as much here but I worry about the alpacas all the same.