Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New village invasion planned

Right, I have about 15 minutes to blog before the day job drags me kicking and screaming through the front door. It really is getting in the way at the moment, don't they know that I HAVE THINGS TO DO!!!

I have started to write a blog posting several times in the last week without success, not one finished, this one may not even get finished, in which case I am once more talking (or writing) to myself. The last attempt was written when I did have time for a quick posting. I wrote the blog and then fell asleep as I was reading it back prior to posting. I wasn't tired you understand it was just so bloody boring!
Anyway, here is an another attempt with news from the home of the Mighty Patou Tribe.

Patou Sahara is still having breathing problems, she may have improved slightly but she should have improved a lot more. We are sadly fearing the worst. Later this week we will be taking her to the Equine Hospital in Salisbury for a chest x-ray to see if we can find out exactly what is wrong with her. We can then plan what treatment is possible, if any. We are trying to be positive but realistically her prospects are not good. We will see.

The second piece of news is that by the end of this month the massed ranks of the Mighty Patou will have upped sticks and moved on. Yes folks we have located a lovely stone cottage 2.8 miles away in the beautiful picturesque hamlet of Ridge, just outside Chilmark and have signed the papers. I have even spoken to BT about Broadband connection which is possible and should be quicker than it is here, which wouldn't be difficult, I think I can run faster than the download speeds here and that is not a joke.

We have spoken to the local sheep farmer, who happens to be a friend of ours and he has said we can have enough grazing land to accommodate us all. I will be having a site meeting (well a field meeting really) with him later today to finalise exactly where we will be grazing, I mean I won't be grazing, they will, the alpacas.

So mixed news, everyone else is in peak condition and all the cria are continuing to impress as they grow at a fabulously good rate.

Here is a picture of two of them, Spirit and Scout who will no doubt be part of the Patou show team next year.

Right, time is up, breakfast and then I am off.


Rosemary said...

The cria look gorgeous!
We are very pleased you have found a new home for the Patou Herd!

Judi said...

Spirit and Scout look lovely...still waiting for ours to arrive as they're still cooking!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Glad you and the 'tribe' have found somewhere.

I think we will be in a caravan in our field whilst we watch the house being built far too slowly. We are two weeks in to the build and there is no sign of anything yet - I'm not very patient!

Fingers crossed the chest x-ray finds something treatable for poor Sahara.

Unknown said...

Great news Mark...I feel a bit of fencing in the air!

The S's are looking great. Not long to wait till The Futurity!!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Hope you can find a solution to Sahara's ailment, and good luck with the move.

Karen Oglesby - Meon Valley Alpacas said...

Well done for finding a new home for your all and good luck with the move... that'll be a busy time!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Great news about the new location...hope the Mighty Move Goes Well !!....hope that you have good news re Sahara this week...Im keeping my fingers crossed for a positive this very worrying time......I shall be thinking of you......all...Jayne

Amiryck said...

Sorry to hear about Sahara, we shall keep our fingers crossed for better news for her.

So pleased to hear you have found a new hq for the mighty Patou :)