Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Moonsbrook, Suris and Richie Benaud

Today I was transported in the Incawagon by Tim Hey down to the lovely village of Wisborough Green in sunny (and blowy) Sussex to have a look round the Moonsbrook Suri herd.

What a splendid alpaca farm, I am extremely jealous of the large barn they have down there, kitted out with alpacas in mind. There has been some seriously hard work going on down there and it shows. It was good to catch up with Ben and James and to meet Imo.

I don't know much about Suris and today I was able to have a really good look and feel of some pretty good looking (as I now know) suris. I had to earn a lovely lunch in The Cricketers by helping out with some eartagging and as ever was attentive as Tim gave a lesson in how to evaluate a suri. Completely different but exactly the same as Huacayas, I'm sure thats what he said, it was fascinating.

The return journey, which was undertaken with a slight but unmistakable whiff of alpaca spit in the air, was highlighted by an australian comedy CD featuring someone impersonating the all time worlds best cricket commentator, Richie Benaud. Hilarious stuff as 'Mr Benaud' gently, actually quite brutally in places, took the wet stuff out of all and sundry involved in the cricket commentating world, tremendous.

I don't know of anyone who reads this drivel, except Mrs S of course who I force to read it, but thanks to all concerned today, alpaca submersion for the day...............brilliant.

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Rob @ Wellground said...

Oh! Come on Mark, what's all this "I don't know of anyone who reads this drivel".

Of course we do. I need some inspiration you know ;o))

It's a good blog Mark, if it's anything like mine, you have no idea who's reading it until out of the blue one day, someone tells you so. It's a strange cyberspace world.

Anyway, I'm here......