Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bonjour! Tummy ache? It's show time!

After a very pleasant break in the Pyrenees we are back in good old blightly and enjoying the lovely sunshine. I know it's going to lash it down all weekend and I haven't said spring is here or anything daft so it's ok. Today is warm and sunny, tomorrow rain and hail, c'est la vie.

We rounded up the herd today for another thorough going over. The end of March signals Lambivac and Eprinex time for us so the whole herd was medicated and on the whole was very well behaved.

I had noticed that one of our females, Deedee, a lovely medium fawn female (pictured above) was a bit lethargic this morning. She seemed to be lying down every time I looked out and wasn't ruminating, (chewing to townie readers). She got up when approached but was soon lying down again. Occasionally her back legs were out to one side, a sure sign of trouble, abdominal pain or discomfort. Poor old Deedee had a similar upset stomach in January which was sorted out by a course of antibiotics and some Vetrumex which puts the guts back on the right road if they are a bit awry.
A quick visit to Tim of Inca with a fresh poo sample.........Deedee's not mine I hasten to add, for a quick look (or an 'optic nerve' as they say down under) under the microscope. Normal poo, no worm eggs, we'll see what happens.

We will try the same treatment and hope she recovers like she did last time. Close observations required and she is up in the top paddock where we can keep an eye on her.

It's showtime at the Bristol Sales Centre this weekend, Poppy and Lola will be representing us once again and I'm looking forward to a good weekend of alpaca stuff, meeting up with other breeders and perhaps even partaking of a glass of beer. Should be good, looking forward to it.

Maybe, just maybe, a reader of this blog will identify themselves..........go on.................. I'll burst!

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Anonymous said...

Well well...a lovely week away in the wilds of rural France then your up to your eyeballs in poo...somewhat symbolic? I have no doubt you can identify quite well with the old wobbly leg syndrome?..I know I've seen it old boy.

1 glass of beer at the show huh? must be mellowing.

Anyway I'm off...I will shortly be "ruminating" on roast chicken and all the trimmings..

I have added a link to you on my new blog/website...check it out!