Saturday, 15 March 2008

Rugby, Half time and Yes you beauty!!!!

Right I am going to say this straight up front, I am Welsh. I have always been Welsh. I was born in Wales and as a result I am Welsh. I know this may alienate a few blog readers but I don't care, I only have 4 confessed readers anyway so what the hell.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game of real men, rugby, scroll down or switch off.


As a result I have done the basics today, the alpacas have been checked up close and personal three times, half time is a very useful thing in rugby. They have been fed, incidentally they were all very well behaved, not a spit in the air, I think they knew what was going on.......maybe one of them has a welsh grandmother or would be totally ridiculous...........anyway their hay racks have been topped up and I had a word with each and every one of them..........well apart from Jake as I could tell he just wasn't listening..............I think he might be french.

Once they were settled I immersed myself in an afternoon of rugby.................well , ok, I first had to play 'avocados' with Angus our five year old son (he watched a documentary on Anacondas, the worlds largest snake last week and has slightly confused the name) so for about 30 minutes I was subjected to a huge amount of 'being squeezed by a small boy'.
After that was lego airport building, is there anyone else out there who thinks every lego kit should come with a tube of superglue? Bits were one of the dogs?........we went off plan and it is tremendous, terminal five has a minature of course.

The dogs then had to be walked and fed, chickens rounded up and fed, eggs collected and I had to cook a nutritionally balanced yet delicious evening meal for the aforementioned Angus (Sue was at work in case you are thinking 'what the hell was she doing?')

So in summary...........Wales have won the Grand Slam, how they did it, I have no idea, but I do know the animals were looked after and Angus is asleep after gorging himself on Cottage pie with broccoli and cauliflower. Me? .........................................I'm just knackered!


Rob @ Wellground said...

And the blog was going so well too !!!!!

Right up to the point where you came out of the closet !!!!

Oh dear.........


Rob @ Wellground said...

Sorry, I'm a bit slow making those all important connections at the moment, I have only just realised the significance of all those photo's of Mark in his wellies.

But aren't alpacas a bit tall for you Welsh fellas ??? ;o))