Monday, 3 March 2008

Ok Patou Alpacas now have a blog. Other alpaca blogs seem popular and I certainly read them so why not? Good ideas are worth copying.

So here we go, my first post. The latest alpaca news here is that the mums are back!

We are fortunate that come weaning time we are able to take our mums away from their cria to another village. We have friends in Chilmark who kindly let us use a 3 acre paddock right behind their house for a couple of months. We visit them twice a day and our friends keep an eye on them. They have caused quite a stir in Chilmark and have become a local attraction. The Mums who are all pregnant again (bar one) can regain some condition and the cria can become 'weaners'.

The fact that mums and cria are completely separated means that neither group mopes around, neither group shows any sign of distress and they just seem to accept the situation and get on with it.

Whilst the mums were away the herd settled down into a very calm, well behaved, friendly bunch, no quarrelling at feeding time, no screeching at each other and very little spit flying. Well now the mums are back the situation has returned to normal! It is, however, nice to have them back. 2 months away seems to have been long enough away for the mums to dry up and the cria to become independent. They have all said hello but no sign of any suckling going on.

That was yesterday, today its round up the herd day for condition scoring and a general check over. We chipped and tagged the weaners recently so they need checking regularly for any signs of infection . After that its pooper scooping, my favourite!
There's always something to do here spring seems to have arrived and the sun is shining, excellent.

Thats it first blog over!

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