Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wooden House here we come!

Today we are off to France. Our little wooden house in the Hautes Pyrenees is calling and we must answer that call. We haven't been over since October when I took some chums over to immerse ourselves in a Rugby World cup weekend and it is always a relief to find the place still standing..............if it is that is! They get some serious weather down there, serious serious!
We usually fly over to Toulouse but we need to take a few bits and bobs over so its the long drive tomorrow after the overnight ferry.
Yesterday we were visited by Charlie, Louise and Olivia Maidment who had come over for a bit of halter training and a chat. Young Apollo who had been a 'whirling dervish' the day before calmed down considerably under Charlie's Camelidynamics approach, all very interesting. We'll be taking Apollo to the spring show with our little show team at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to that, total immersion again! Thanks for coming over guys, see you at the show.
The Wooden House is where we intend to settle with the Patou Alpacas herd in a few years time. There is plenty of work to do and nearer the time we will have to expand our 4 acres to quite a bit more but we have a beautiful spot. Facing directly south we have wonderful views of the Pyrenees mountains and are surrounded by the most wonderful countryside. The locals are all extremely friendly and helpful and we are looking forward to our adventure tremendously.
Today I will be doing a final herd check, we are only going for 6 days and we do have Pete and Elvie moving in to monitor the herd but I will worry and a final going over today will ease that worry, slightly.
It will make them feel better too an opportunity to have a quick word with me and say goodbye themselves...............sorry slipped into my surreal world again there, more like a quick chance to throw some spit my way!
Anyay Steele signing off, au revoir.

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