Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Show, Burst, Poop and sunshine!

Well what a weekend! I travelled up to the Bristol Sales Centre on friday evening with the massive show team (2 girls and a boy) in convoy with Ben Hey who was at the helm of team Inca for the weekend. The weather was quite staggering, approaching the M4 from the south the wind and rain was lashing in from the west and the going was slow and careful to say the least.

Still we arived in one piece and bedded the alpacas down for the night in a super big airy barn with very generous pen sizes, then .........off to the pub!
It was a miserable Saturday as again the rain lashed in sideways and everyone was looking decidedly underdressed. Having gone for the lightweight underwear and the uniform of the Patou Warrior I was jibber jabber freezing all day and at one point seriously considered setting fire to myself.

I did however have a blog reader identify themselves and as a result was forced to find a quiet corner in order to burst as promised...........thanks Leslie, what a mess!

Patou Poppy, Patou Lola and Orchard Apollo were outstandingly well behaved in the show ring and even Charlie did what he was supposed to..........I had serious doubts about him...........a bit of a scamp I reckon. Seriously though it was very good to have the team bolstered by Charlie and Louise, there were more of us to huddle together for warmth! Sadly the dynamic trio were not what the judge was looking for and we will regroup and plan ahead for another bash another day.

Sue and Angus and Charlie and Louise all left on Saturday ................oh, I see, it's just me then?

Nothing else for it really off to the pub with Ben again!

Sunday was the real business end of the show and it was great to see the quality animals on display, it has really given me a lot to think about as we strive to build a herd with all the animals having that perfect look that we are after. Slowly, slowly catchee monkey..........or alpaca..........you know what I mean, we are hopefully doing the right thing and we'll get there one day.

Whilst sitting like a real old 'Billy no mates' watching the show on the Sunday it was a pleasure to be disturbed by the daktari people. Karen and Chris, I'm sorry guys but daktari has just stuck in my mind, they coaxed me away into the canteen for a cup of coffee and a chat about their future plans......boy have they got some future plans! France, alpacas, properties, renovations. Good luck guys it sounds great and you know we'll be here ready when you are! Still have that lovely grey you know, Bella is her name, she won't be here for long!

Finally got back at 6.30pm on Sunday and life in Chicksgrove has resumed as normal. Today was a gloriously sunny day and we have been outside all day mainly dealing with poo! The field shelter is now spotless, the top paddock you could eat you supper off and we are all bushed.

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Anonymous said...

Very good report. You certainly look the part in your white coat..shouldn't you have it on the other way around though?