Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Back with the blog but feeling trapped!

We have had telecommunication problems here with our wireless router and phoneline crashing simultaneously. Anyway after about 17 hours on the phone to a very nice man in Mumbai I am now back up and running.

Thanks to Karen (one of my 5 official documented friends) for saying I was missed, nice to know, hope all is well down at Winterhead.

I have been reading the reports of the show over the weekend on Bobs blog and Rachels diary. Seems like it was a terrific event, another supreme champion from the Centre of Excellence, well done to Bob and Lesley, easy with whites though isn't it?

If that doesn't get a reaction I'll eat my trousers.

Actually we would love to have gone to Purston Manor but the world was really against us.

The judge, Tim, who seems to have done a terrific job knows the Patou herd very well. We use his males and are following the word according to Inca as our model. It didn't seem right to go.

All immaterial anyway really, we are in the protection zone, Sue was working, I have no car and the alpacas are resting, gathering themselves for the big one.

We have daily pep talks, a huddle in the field like a cricket team before the batsmen arrive, we are talking tactics daily, planning battle lines, drawing up hugely complicated masterplans, we are mustering along the midge border daring the zones to change, waiting to be unleashed to create havoc.

The last paragraph is of course nonsense and a reflection on the fact that I have been having in depth conversations with a chum about the second world war. He's learning me about hitler 'n' stuff.

Today I am still stranded at home without a car. Sue is off midwiffering again and Angus is at school.
His school is approximately 5 miles away by road and I have said I will pick him up on foot this afternoon, goodness knows I need the excercise.
I do have a cunning plan however, I have had the Ordnance Survey map out and I reckon if I go cross country I can halve the distance. So sturdy boots and rucksack will be donned later and with Josh the mad lab at my side we will head off after lunch to pick up son and heir.

It's all about timing. It's only 2 and a half miles but it is unchartered territory for me and there is a very big hill and some thick looking woodland to traverse. I'll either be early and have to loiter or be late and be in deep, deep pooh. I think I will be bang on time actually, red faced maybe but I'll be there on time.

I'm considering taking power tools with me.


Anonymous said...

Phone for a taxi you dullard!

Anonymous said...

By my reckoning you should have arrived at school by now - hope you can remember the way home and the boys don't want to be carried, dog under one arm Angus under the other!
Debbie Rippon

Rob @ Wellground said...

Hi Mark, That was most kind of you about the show result, and NO, I shall not rise to that bait ;o))

How did the Yomping go then ?


Anonymous said...

I don't reckon he's made it back yet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you concerned readers. I arrived half an hour EARLY and we had a lovely walk home. Everything went according to my plan.