Saturday, 5 April 2008

Brambles, power tools and swirling girls!

Today was a day of attacking a large bramble patch in the garden.

First up though was a visit to some friends in Tisbury.

Liz Curzon and her daughter Leo have a small herd of alpacas on the edge of Tisbury and this morning we paid them a visit to help with some husbandry.

Liz had rounded them up and after a bout of vaccinations, wormings and toenail clippings (and checking of jawlines for abscesses of course) we had a nice chat over a coffee and a chocolate biscuit. Peter, Liz's husband, said some very nice things about the website and flattered us personally......we really must visit more often....very good for the spirit and lovely people.

Upon our return the bramble patch looked menacing and I kitted myself up with a power tool. Always the best answer to a problem...........throw a power tool at it at maximum revs and noise and who cares if the problem is solved, I have recharged my testosterone reserves with some good old fashioned power tool action. Anyway large cutting blade (new and shiny) fitted to the brushcutter and away I went.

There is now a large hole in the garden where the bramble patch was and the roses can breath again. Well most of them can, some of them got in the way and were well and truly mullered. Apologies were issued but happily having known me for over 20 years Sue understands that these things aren't done deliberately. I just can't help myself.

The rain and wind then came and when the sun reappeared we were treated to a real show. The herd decided that it needed to expend some energy by running around the field with what appeared to be great joy. Much swirling, prancing, charging, and general merriment for 2 or 3 minutes. I don't know why they do it but they really do look like they enjoyed it. So did we, it's what its all about!

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Unknown said...

Hi mate,

It's good to see you out and about working.
I have a shed load of trees down on my new farm that need cutting down if your up for it some time!
It is magic when the alpacas prance and pronk around - we love it too.
Please say g'day to the Curzen's for me.
PS: Fancy a apint at the Compasses later today?