Friday, 18 April 2008

Facebook and fed up.

Sorry I have not blogged for a while reader, I have had a lot on my tiny mind.

Firstly, the chariot that carries the Patou Alpacas team to shows, the chariot that tows the Patou Alpacas to those shows, the chariot that takes those Patou alpacas to appointments with stud males for 'you know what' has a serious and expensive fault. Essentially the gearbox and clutch have decided after many years of flawless service to pack up.

These things happen I understand, the old chariot is after all 11 years old, she has performed well and I was hoping she was going to continue doing so. I shelled out rather a lot to get the old girl through her last MOT and now she repays me with a major fault.

Much umming and ahhing has been going on over the past few days. To repair or replace?

Anyway the decision has been made and next week she goes under the knife for major surgery. Gearbox and clutch out, replacements in. Job done.

If she breaks down again I shall, make no mistake, take my shotgun to her and fill her full of lead, enough is enough.

Anyway whilst my brain was numb from learning the price of reconditioned gearboxes I found myself aimlessly surfing the internet. For some reason Facebook came up and after a minute or two I realised I had become a 'facebooker'. Why? I have no idea. I had heard people mention it............................... young people.

Shortly after joining I had of course made a complete hash of it.

Firstly, I apparently moved to Cape Cod in Massacheusetts and joined their network. It took me five whole days to figure out how to move back to Wiltshire.

Secondly I unintentionally asked several people, well quite a lot of people actually if they wouldn't mind being my friend. Some of them were old friends from Cape Cod of course but the rest were existing friends or acquaintances.

Thanks very much to Rob, Louise, Karen, Debbie and Dave 'Squidge' Hay for accepting me as a friend.

I now officially have at least five friends

It says so on Facebook.


Rob @ Wellground said...

Everyone needs a friend ;o))

Anonymous said...

Now you really have gone quiet. I hope you're not still sunk in gloom about the truck, which surely must be fixed soon and, well, spring is in the air and all that. You're missed. Keep blogging, please!