Friday, 25 April 2008

Sneezefarting, a phenomenon.

Firstly thanks to those who were concerned about my ability to travel 2 and a half miles across country to collect Angus and return with him, Josh (mad lab) and myself intact.

In short it was a beautiful sunny day and we all arrived home safely, as if there was any doubt.

Yesterday was a herd check day. Sue and I rounded all the fluffies up and got hands on checking the usual things, condition, jaws, eartags, toenails, and for any signs of mites. All received a clean bill of health which is always splendid.

There was, however, a large amount of sneezefarting on display yesterday.

Those of you with alpacas will be aware of this highly amusing phenomenon. Those of you who don't have alpacas, sneezefarting is almost a reason in itself to buy alpacas. It occurs when an alpaca, usually female, usually pregnant sneezes and simultaneously performs a comic fart.

Alpacas, in my experience only do comic farts, real good loud raspberries, excellent stuff. No matter how many times I hear it I fall about laughing, simply can't help it.

It is pure schoolboy humour at its finest, I wish I had owned alpacas when I was a schoolboy as I am sure I would have been headboy. That is the power of the sneezefart.

Our two top performers are Judy and Priscilla, two mature and productive ladies, always fall pregnant after one service, always eat everything in sight and always cause a fuss at toenail time. In short they are champion sneezefarters.

On another note the Patou Chariot returns today with it's new gearbox and clutch so I will once again be free to roam the wilds of Wiltshire outside of my self imposed 3 mile protection zone, yippee.

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