Friday, 14 March 2008

Readers!! Yes readers, plural, I have readers!!!

Its official I have readers. Oh yes, not just Mrs S who sometimes has to be paid in chocolate to read this blog. No, real, proper readers!

I can't tell you how excited that makes me feel but I might just strip off and do a high speed circuit of the alpaca field in the rain....................well maybe not but you get the picture.

High speed, who am I kidding?

Not only have people identified themselves as readers I have had a comment. The comment as you can see is from The Blogmeister himself, the inspiration for this blog, honoured indeed. Thanks Bob.

It was also nice to hear from the Daktari people, yes more blog readers! Karen and Chris are also planning a move to France with alpacas and are researching the hell out of it.....Come on guys get some fluffy ones!!!
I look forward to seeing Daktari Alpacas on the show circuit!!

My other reader, well I didn't say I had hundreds just some, which is more than a couple.

Anyway the other reader is the Patou alpacas official photographer, Gordon Ladyman (I have changed his name for legal reasons) and to be fair he only reads it because I told him to and he's my chum. And if he doesn't get some more alpaca photographs on his website I am going to pull the plug!

So, to the alpacas, not much to write today, they are wet, again, but it's only light drizzle. I will be out amongst them before lunch having already done a head count and had a long distance watch for anything unusual. I have some halter training to do in readiness for the BAS Spring Show, if we can repeat last years success we will be more than happy...........might reconsider that circuit of the field!


Anonymous said...

should I change my name? "Gordon Ladyman"...mmmh?...not sure about that!

You've inspired me to get my own blog I think...glad to see you sorted those invisible links out you big clever bear.

andrea chiu said...

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Unknown said...

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