Monday, 23 June 2008

Midges midges midges!

We are surrounded at the moment by midges and they are a right pain in the doodah.

Whenever the herd comes up they seem to bring a cloud of wretched midges with them.

I've just been out to check the mighty Patou herd and the midges seemed to have buggered off to wherever midges go when they are not annoying people, or animals.

Poor little Flossie seems to be suffering the most, when she was a day old her owner Sue Lucas came over and had a cuddle etc, we discovered, or rather Sue did that Flossie's ears were full of the little so and so's. We cleared them out, they had been biting her, and we sprayed her with some 'long lasting' fly repellant designed for use on horses.

Well 'long lasting' doesn't seem to be very 'long lasting' as they were buzzing around her again today. At the moment the herd's ears, numbering 46, are flicking back and forth in a blur. The midges are not welcome and I have developed a deep rooted hatred for the little b*****ds.

I only hope they are not of the blue tongue variety, although the herd has been vaccinated (Flossie hasn't of course, the advice is to vaccinate at 4 weeks) we are worried.

I shall be visiting SCATS tomorrow to see of I can buy some stuff to deal with them, or at least keep them off the herd. It is very, very annoying. I want to kill them all, I have never felt so murderous.

Flossie herself is thriving. Last night Jo and Steve Ings came over to look at two wethers that they have just bought, Apollo and Bingo. Whilst here I caught Flossie so they could have a close up of a lovely little alpaca cria. She was easy to catch. This evening I attempted to catch her again. Never even got close, she can run like the wind!

Tomorrow she will be rounded up with the herd, she has grown up so quickly.

Great to see that despite the wretched midges she is growing stronger by the hour.

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