Friday, 27 June 2008

Priscilla catches us out.

Well Priscilla is a crafty old soul. All day yesterday she was lardying about looking like she was about to pop. I stayed in all day virtually as I was so sure she would crack on with it, but no.

I last checked her at 9.30 last night and she had that strange 'I've lost something and I can't remember where I put it' look about her. She was ambling around on her own sniffing the ground from time to time but eventually lay down and seemed to settle.

We were up early this morning due to the calling of the labrador's bowels, they need an early escape these days due to the sheer volume of alpaca poop that they quaff.

Sue likes the early morning walk and left at 6.30. I was doing what I always do first thing in the morning and Angus, who was also awake, was playing airports or farms or something.
My morning read was disturbed as Sue arrived home declaring 'She's had it!'

We all trooped out and we think we must have missed it by about ten minutes. He was still flapping about a bit and we got on and did the necessary. He's a big brown boy weighing in at 10.5kilos. Ok, a girl would have been better but the fact that he is strong and healthy is great.

I have checked him over and he looks good, my latest thing to check for is an anus, sorry to lower the tone but I have recently read that they can sometimes (it is rare) be born without one and that is not a good thing. Anyway he has one so that's good!

He was up feeding shortly after the placenta was passed and things are looking good, no problems.

We have named him Patou Jonah. There are two reasons for that, firstly Angus was going to his friend Joe's birthday party today so he wanted to call him Joe. When I tried to think of a big brown man called Joe, Jonah Lomu popped into my head so Jonah it was.Here he is with his proud mother Priscilla.

Whilst I was out taking a picture of Jonah I managed to snap one of the whirlwind that is Flossie, owned by Sue Lucas at Valley Farm. Although she is not a solid colour she is absolutely gorgeous.

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