Sunday, 2 August 2009

Alright, I've had enough

I have been alone all weekend. Sue and Angus hopped on a train on Friday afternoon and headed off for a weekend in Suffolk with Sue's sister.
It wasn't good initially as I missed them straight away. However, once I had thought about it I realised that there were certain advantages to spending the weekend by myself.
For starters a lot of the usual household rules could be flouted, wellies in the kitchen, beer at lunchtime, food at anytime, Sky sports on all the time! There was also the fact that I was now in charge, noise when I wanted it yet peace and quiet when I wanted that.

I even had dinner guests! I know Graham is a little bit publicity hungry (Oh yes you are Graham) and I think he was a little miffed when he hasn't perhaps received a mention before. So I'll lay it on a bit thick for you Graham to make up. Graham and his lovely lady Lucy came over for dinner and we had a very pleasant evening, very pleasant indeed. Graham is the computer maestro who designed the original Patou Alpacas website. Yes, Graham is the man who started it all. Not only that, Graham was the original Patou Alpacas official photographer. He took some lovely photographs in the early days did Graham. Of course I do both jobs now, Graham flittered off to do other things,
So there we have it Graham, ten name mentions, will that do?

On Saturday I took Monique, Ronnie and Moselle to their new home near Bridgwater. Karen and Richard May at Amiryck Alpacas are fellow mighty breeders and it was good to see where their plan for world alpaca dominance is beginning. What a smashing place, the girls will be very happy there. Thanks for the tea and scones guys, you'll be pleased to hear that the Discovery got me back home in quick time. Or maybe you won't, I don't know, why should you, silly of me!

The trip down there, of around 70 miles, was a nightmare. First of all the Discovery started to misfire, this meant that inside it sounded like an old and not very well VW Beetle. This also meant that the usual smooth power was replaced by something a lot less. In short the Discovery felt and sounded like it had swine flu. It really wasn't interested in going anywhere. It was a battle to get to 60 miles an hour and hills! Hills were just plain embarrassing. Really it was shades on and sink low in the seat time. I would pass as many people as possible on the downhill bits and then watch them all race past me if the incline so much as thought about being uphill.

Not only that but everyone in the whole wide world was on the A303. No kidding, I think London had emptied out for the weekend, well the wealthier parts of it anyway. We crawled along, which with a wheezing, spluttering Discovery is not good. At engine idling speed the vibration was quite startling, I think I must have been a blur to other motorists as the engine tried to shake me to pieces, literally.

Still I was home and after the usual chores, (yes some things still have to be done people even when I'm home alone), it was beer and curry night with the All Blacks and the Springboks on the tv. I stayed up late too!

This morning I am off with Columbus for his first mobile mating (hopefully). He now has four girls spitting off which is great but it has been a struggle to get him going. Today will be a big test for him, I will be taking the ghetto blaster with the orgling CD just in case, I'll let you know how we get on.

Sue and Angus return late this evening, so it will be cricket and more curry later for me. No beer as I have to pick the up from the station, well maybe one, at lunchtime!

To be honest being on my own was great for a while but jeepers it will be good to have them home!

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Amiryck said...

Ahh not long now. I am very relieved you got home ok - I was worried. Very pleased with the girls.