Saturday, 26 September 2009

Just a quickie

I have about 2 and a half minutes so this will be brief!
Firstly, regular readers will be aware that a 'Johan Krol' has been commenting recently on this blog. He is from the Netherlands (or Holland if that sounds better) and basically seems to want to eat alpacas and everything else!

His comments were getting under my skin even though I smelled a rat on first reading. I kept telling Sue that I would answer his comments in a manner but she dissuaded me, she's like that, a seriously nice and decent person. So, I responded............nicely.

Anyway I can now reveal that Johan Krol is not Johan Krol at all but my oldest friend (his words people, not mine) and he had me hook line and sinker.

I will plan my revenge and he will be dealt with.

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Amiryck said...

oops they have been rumbled!