Friday, 11 September 2009

Off to the cheese festival!

Finally the weekend has arrived, was this week longer than others? It seemed so. Anyway I have loaded up the Mighty Patou Discovery with all the things we will need at the Sturminster Newton Cheese festival tomorrow. It's actually a two day show, lots and lots of cheese, no doubt, and very well attended but we can only go tomorrow. Angus has rugby training on Sunday morning and, well, I don't want to spend my entire weekend telling people 'No they are not llamas and no they will not spit at you'. No, there is grass to cut and loads of other stuff to do, loads and loads.

So who is going from the mighty herd? Well as you may remember I did ask for volunteers. When no volunteers came forth I handed round cards asking them to suggest who should go. When the cards were handed back in they were all defaced. Caked on green covered all the suggestion boxes, not very grown up is it?
I then went out and did 'eenie meenie minie mo' but just couldn't get a selection without a spitmonster in it. So this evening Sue and I had a chat and three girls have been selected. Mainly because they are lovely, they have done it before and because we want to spend the day up close and personal with them.
Obviously the first girl chosen was our favourite alpaca in the whole wide world...................yes, it's the beautiful, wonderful, Lily.
Next one to be selected was Lily's beautiful, wonderful daughter, Amelie, a sure star of the show circuit next year.
And finally the third pick was the absolutely scrummy Fifi, one of my favourite looking alpacas.
That cheese festival just won't know what has hit them!

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Amiryck said...

Hope you and the girls enjoy your weekend!