Saturday, 19 September 2009

Well that's never happened before.

A funny thing happened to me last night and it's never happened before.
Actually I say last night it was at about 4.30 this morning. There I was fast asleep in the middle of a slightly odd dream when something amusing happened. Something amusing happened in the dream that is. The slightly strange characters in the dream with me all started laughing uproariously. So did I. In fact I woke myself up laughing. How odd is that? Half past four in the morning and I'm lying in bed laughing my head off. Obviously Sue woke up, what can she have thought? I'll ask her later. I'm now downstairs as Bryn (old mad deaf lab) started his usual 5.45am barking at Josh (young and completely mad lab) to get him to swap beds. It happens every day, it's very irritating.

Anyway, this dream, it does have alpacas in it but looking back at it now, it doesn't actually seem that funny. If you are interested here's what I can remember:

I was in a radio studio, with a huge picture window overlooking a parkland setting. Roaming in this parkland were, obviously, a magnificent herd of alpacas. On the far side of the park were some large white marquees and an alpaca show was taking place.

From here on in folks alpacas play no part in the dream so if you want alpaca news there is a tiny bit at the end of the blog. If you want to carry on reading about my dream that's your choice. The more I think about it the less funny and more odd it becomes so maybe skipping to the end would be a wise move.

So there I was with Sue and two eccentric old men in cardigans (alpaca wool? Who knows?) they had just started their radio show. The room had a large wooden table in it on which stood a small microphone. There were no chairs. The two 'DJ's' did their show standing up, in fact they did it whilst walking around the table as if playing some bizarre game of musical chairs, without the chairs.
On a shelf under the large window was a small lcd screen, about 4 inches across. This screen had brightly coloured swirling lights that seemed to swirl in time with the music that was playing. I have no recollection of what music was playing, not a clue.
Anyway, Sue and I were there seemingly in an observing role, maybe we were guests on the show or something, I really don't know.
After a while we all became aware that the music had come to an end and there was silence in the studio. I shout-whispered something like 'The listener, he will have fallen asleep', it was the sort of show that wouldn't have had many listeners I'm sure.
Panic then ensued as the two old men tried to get to the little screen which obviously controlled the music. By now lots of chairs had appeared and were seriously getting in the way, preventing the frantic old men from getting to the little screen which obviously controlled the music.
To cover for them and fill the 'dead' airtime I said loudly in my best 1950's radio announcers voice 'We interrupt this important news bulletin to bring you an important news..............(a rather long pause as the old men froze and stared at me incredulously)................bulletin.'

It was at this point that the two old broadcasters started roaring with laughter, I don't know why. I also then started roaring with laughter as did Sue. It was then that I woke up, roaring with laughter. Sue also woke up wondering what the hell was going on presumably (she's still upstairs, having a well deserved lie in).

Anyway that was that, all very odd indeed, and sadly nowhere near as funny now as it was then, sorry about that it was your choice to read on.

So to other news, the kittens Seb and Belle have turned into small cats and are out of control crazy. They do nothing you tell them and seem to spend all night flicking everything on a surface in the kitchen onto the floor. They particularly like pens, although mobile phones and keys also seem to need to be flicked over the edge and chased. They also feel the need to eat everyone elses food. The chickens, Betty and Lulu, get a few scraps on the doorstep most days, yesterday they had some left over Basmati rice. It wasn't long before the kittens joined in the feeding frenzy as seen below.

Similarly poor old Bryn is quite often joined at his bowl by Seb who seems to think it's for him too. The only one who can eat in peace is Josh who guards his food from them fiercely and barks at them if they come close.

Still, they caught their first mouse a couple of days ago so the rodent populaton better watch out.

Now to swing the blog back onto alpacas momentarily here is a picture of the lovely Penny who was born in March, she is as big as the weanlings now and looking rather splendid, if a little angry!


Unknown said...

Love the stories Mark - keep them coming.

As for the cats - well that is the joy of cats, they do what THEY want.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

I woke up from a dream laughing once also - a peculiar experience - it's as if you've bridged the divide from dream to reality.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Is that Lady Penelope !...she looks rather scary !....with that scowl....she scares me !!....Jayne

Johan Krol said...

I am not fully understanding this latest news from the farm about dreams and radio? Anyway back to my question about you making it your own meat productions, is it what you might think of in times ahead? Also do you slaghter your own chicken? How do you find the easier methods?

Best regard

Lucy said...

LOL you have confused your audience! I like to do a bit of dream analysis but I don't feel I would want to be so cheeky, as I don't know enough about you (despite the blog)!!! The cats look great, as does Penny - yes a bit scary though!