Wednesday, 30 June 2010

And then there were three...

Forgive me readers for I have not blogged for almost a week.
I feel that my blog neglect must be punished so I have been outside and larraped myself repeatedly with a rather whippy stick for several minutes. I feel much better now.
Although I am not sure what the neighbours must think as it hurt like hell and I screamed all the way through like a very unhappy spoilt child, or an England footballer maybe?
The day job must take the largest proportion of blame and has interfered as usual. Not only that but we have been very busy one way or another down here in Patouland.

Meanwhile good news from our friend Liz who has announced the arrival of Columbus's third cria of the year. Little Flora was born last week and makes it three brown girls in a row from The Clumpmeister. They all have his 'look' about them and he is passing on his colour well. We are very pleased with his performance. I nipped over and took a photo of her with her mother Alice, a Mateus girl.

We had the lovely Louise, our vet, out yesterday. We had an insurance health check to do for Polly, the whole herd are now insured under a 'Herd Insurance' option, with Armitage and Polly was the only one we hadn't had checked. Whilst she was here we also wanted Louise to check out a few other ailments. Rosa (Clump daughter number 2) who was a little premature has been limping since birth. Initially it seemed she was limping on all four legs, she was walking very uncomfortably. We gave a her a course of antibiotics to cover any infection and some pain relief and gradually she has recovered to a minor limp on one leg. We couldn't find anything obviously wrong and neither could Louise, general verdict is that it could have been an infection, it could have been loose ligaments, who knows? She seems to be on the mend and is otherwise robust and healthy.
I won't bore you with other details of Louise's visit, suffice to say that the herd is in fine fettle and looking tremendous. All we need now is some nice grass feeding rain!
Short blog this morning as the day job is shouting for me to attend! I am mentally shouting 'No' back but I feel sure that I will be up the apples and pears for a quick shower shortly before trudging my way in. It's rubbish and it's not fair, I feel a tantrum brewing.


Unknown said...

Mark you must stop all this self punishment...I am sure Sue would be willing to help!...anyway we like the anticipation!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Nice batch of offspring from Clump Mark. Day jobs eh? who'd 'ave 'em? - ah well, for me it's the day job that pays the pension fund (i.e the alpaca business) - and it must be the best pension fund - far more rewarding than BP shares, spiritually, if not financially, but here's hoping.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hope...Rosa is soon back to full health..nice to read some have been missed...! Shame about that day job spoiling your alpaca....time !!Flora ia a real sweetie, the Clumpmeister is doing you proud.......Jayne