Thursday, 10 June 2010

Our plans for the future.

Sue and I have discussed at length what our mating plans should be for the future.
I feel it is only fair to reveal those plans to the alpaca community in general. It is fair because I want to allow you all to plan your response to what will surely be a mighty onslaught that we will be unleashing in the show rings in 2012.

Be afraid people, be very afraid. We are getting stronger. We are afterall planning for world domination!

I can reveal below the three herdsires that we have chosen to take the mighty Patou forward to meet the demands of the alpaca industry over the next few years. Remember our 'strapline has always been 'You do not have to be big to be mighty'. I believe that these three big boys can do the job for us.

First of all I must heap praise on the Mighty Warrior from the Awesome Inca stud. His Royal Highness Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca.

We have had four cria (three females and one male) from this giant of the black alpaca world this summer and all four are absolute stunners.
He will be used over Lily (my most favourite alpaca in the world, Bobby (mother to the beautiful Ruby May) and our two showgirls from this year Patou Penelope and Patou Amelie (double Reserve Champion this year).
Jack recently added to his ribbon collection by winning Senior Black Male and Reserve Champion Senior Male at the Royal Bath and West Show. No mean feat for a black male. He is awesome. He is the complete package. Just look at him!

Secondly, we will be using our own brown boy the Mighty Cambridge Columbus.
Columbus won First place Senior Brown Male at the Bath and West Show and has had two lovely brown female cria this year. He will be used over the rest of the Mighty Patou herd, Priscilla, Dee, Poppy, Minstrel, Fifi, Bannock and Polly.
We believe his flawless conformation, his fineness, brightness and his density coupled with his low amounts of guard hair and evenness of colour will do the job over our girls.

Thirdly we will be using our new boy, Van Diemen Qjori (pictured below with the five ribbons he has won in Australia).
Due to an unavoidable delay Qjori will not be leaving quarantine in New Zealand until the end of August and we have taken the decision not to wait for him this year. We reset the herd birthing clock two years ago and feel that to wait would put us back where we were two years ago. We will get him here, settle him in and unleash him on the girls next summer.

So there we have it, our plans. You may be interested, you may not. I certainly am and will be watching and waiting with great anticipation. In fact I can hardly contain my excitement!


Terry said...

Nothing less than Total World Domination!

The Jack of Spades' Press Office! said...

A mighty fine choice, what a cracking bunch of boys! ;o)

Knapper Alpakka said...

It will be exciting to see the results, Mark!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

The planning bit is almost as exciting as the 'doing' bit isn't it.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I know what the waiting bit is like..having also re-set the birthing...clock !!...Im still waiting to get sorted....this year !.......why do we wish our lives away !!!.....Jayne

Unknown said...

Ha, ha... Crazy people in UK. There are more alpacas outside the UK. Probably some better... Saw some fleeces of black studs at age above 3 with a micron of 18 / 19. I know: "I couldn't believe it myself".
Worlddomination is not an issue for UK-(and European) breeders the first years, ha, ha...
Good luck,
PS. My contact in China wants to buy 20 mil. kg of alpaca in the near future. They need 1.2 mil. alpacas for this production (with a fleece of 18-21 micron). Hmmmm...