Thursday, 24 June 2010

The last Patou cria of the year!

Today our lovely medium fawn girl, Fifi, produced the eagerly awaited seventh, and final, Patou cria of the year. (We still have one to come from Sheba who is owned by a friend and up for sale.)

Sue and I were both at work today but Sue had a hunch when she left home that Fifi was up to something.
As a result I was ordered (in a very 'not ordering' sort of way only a beloved wife can get away with) to bunk off work for an hour mid morning to check on her.

I arrived home at 11.30 and Fifi was there next to a very dark little head wobbling about on the end of a dark little neck!

A quick investigation and a flurry of iodine spray revealed a lovely dark chocolate brown boy. Our smallest cria weighing in at 6.70kg. Small, but perfectly formed after having been baked for 346 days. He was soon up and suckling his way along Fifi until he found what he was looking for and I was back off to work wishing the hours away until I could return.

He has yet to be named, the naming committee are out at the local swimming pool at the moment, but I have been out with the hounds and the trusty Canon to get a few photographs.
He is another Lillyfield Jack of Spades cria and boy that big fellah has done well for us this year! Fifi is a Wiracocha's Dream girl and daughter of our oldest girl, Dee.

The little 'un was soon greeted by the big 'un, Rafiki, who was very eager to coax the little chap into some running around.
When he wouldn't join in Rafiki decided to do some modelling work and posed beautifully for me. What a handsome chap.

So there we have it, the Magnificent Seven ride again, this time in the wonderworld that is Patouland!


Amiryck said...

Congratulations, another cracker! Don't know how you made it back to work!

gary said...

Very nice indeed...Black? maybe. You're certainly not doing a Fabio and keeping your team selection quiet!!

Inca Warriors said...

Yay...what a fantastic end to the Patou birthing season. We're thrilled for you, what a Mighty bunch!

Patou Alpacas said...

Thanks Karen and Tracey, they are beautiful and we are very happy with them all (although if Fifi had had a girl?!?!?.. mind you young Rico (named after the penguin in Madagascar) has a very dense fine fleece!!)

BLACK MAYBE?? Gary are you hoping that he is black? I know you have 4times the animals but I sense I may have you slightly worried!

Knapper Alpakka said...

Lovely looking crias this year, Mark. Congrats to you all :-)

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Glad you have them all un-packaged safely with no big hitches, early in the summer - just the big new arrival to look forward to! best wishes, Dave.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations....on your lovely new arrivals.....very nice line up for the next show season !!...The Mighty Patou.....just gor a whole lot Mightier !!!......Jayne

Unknown said...

Congratulations Mark. What a great feeling it must be to have such a fantastic new show team and all safely delivered!

Anonymous said...

Now, at this point who do you think has the nicest fleece? Runa is my guess, she looks lovely..

Patou Alpacas said...

Hmmm Anonymous, good question.
At this early stage it would be Roger Resilient, followed by Reeya with Runa third.