Monday, 21 June 2010

Elegance revealed!

Saturday morning and Susie Parish and Henry her able assistant arrived in Patouland to defluff the mighty herd. We had never met Susie before but were impressed by her set up and her work. I could hardly contain my excitement as I was keen to see what everyone looked like especially last years cria who would be revealed for the first time.

I love seeing the herd newly shorn, they just look so elegant and beautiful. The short fleece makes them look velvet covered, wonderful.
Susie shears on the back of a trailer which seemed very good for the back and the alpacas did seem calmer. It might be because most of them are still a bit spaced out from giving birth though. Even the 'hair trigger spit fountains' behaved themselves.

Pictured above is Columbus being de-frocked and here he is below, cool and,..... well, ...... cool and, a lot smaller than he was!

Next photo shows Fifi, the last of the mighty Patou due to give birth. She has a lovely round tummy and at 336 days still has a way to go I reckon.

Penny was one I was looking forward to seeing. She was shorn as a cria last year so I was keen to see what was under the huge amount of fleece she was carrying. I have to say she looks lovely.

The next photo shows the equally, if not more lovely, Amelie, a beautiful colour. Penny and Millie are now spitting off to the magnificent Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca. Looking forward to next year already!

Finally, probably the most eagerly awaited and surprising 'unveiling' of them all. Little Minstrel, daughter of Priscilla (she of the white chinny chin chin) and big Jack, has looked brown all year although we could see that next to the skin she was black. Well, she certainly is black (apart from her chinny chin chin of course!)

With shearing out of the way, mating and remating is now underway!


Lori Skoog said...

Mark...What an interesting blog! I saw the link on another one I was reading (Colorado) and not only are your Alpacas beautiful, the way you write is outstanding. Thanks for the introduction to your world. I live on a horse farm in western New York.

Lucy said...

The herd is looking mighty in their stick insect splendidness. We have Mr Dixon from down under coming tomorrow to defuzz ours. It will be a relief for the poor thing

shopmayu said...

thanks for sharing such useful info that most people dont know about! keep up the good alpaca news!

kate robertson
founder mayu