Saturday, 19 June 2010

Frollicking cria, a cure for all!

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I have been a real grumpy git over the past few days after some blogging shenanigans. Roaming around grunting, it hasn't been pleasant.

Anyway, today I am all better after a wonderful display last night from the Patou Formation Racing around randomly Team.

We have been weighing Rosa and Roger, our two premmie cria daily to make sure their rate of gaining weight has increased. They are now both putting on over 200g a day so we are much happier now. At the weigh in last night the rest of the cria decided to put on a display for us. It was wonderful and I managed a few snaps. Sorry about the lack of focus in some shots but they were moving at speed. Perhaps I should buy a trusty Nikon?

Shall we just stand here and watch? Lets have some fun!

Ruby, airborne!

Rafiki in full racing greyhound mode.

Ruby, Reeay and Runa pick up the pace.

Rafiki joins the girls as the pace hots up.

Finally, having been weighed little Roger the dodger (front right) joins in the fun. I just couldn't get a shot with all six in, try as I might.
So enough of all that, today, we are finally shearing! A little late due to bad weather but we are game on for 10 am today. I can't wait, I love my girls when they are fleeceless, so graceful, so fragile looking, just lovely, lovely, lovely!


Unknown said...

That's sight is enough to forget any grump Mark!...glad the little ones are putting on the weight...good luck with shearing day.

Llama Karma said...

Great Pic's, lovely looking cria, can't wait to set them in the show ring next yearnot sure what your grump was about as your last post could not be read by (us anyway). Glad your feeling better now.

Suzan said...

Fun and wonderful shots of the babies playing around!!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

A group of cria must be a cure-all for most ailments - hope the shearing went well with that dampness about last night- we're lined up for sunday afternoon.

gary said...

Mmmm...I must say they do look nice..

Terry said...

They are just way too cute. I love the photo of Ruby levitating.

Lucy said...

Stunning! Lucky lucky Patou!